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At the heart of Device Trader is the belief that it is better to repair, refurbish, reuse and recycle
electronics, reducing environmental impact and delivering quality devices that won’t cost you an arm
and a leg.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way we consume electronics, creating a more appealing and highly
accessible alternative to purchasing a new device.

Join us in making a small decision with a BIG environmental impact

We believe stretching out the lives of each device is a more sustainable approach to consumer
electronics, bearing an abundance of social and environmental benefits – hooray! Refurbished locally in
Byron Bay, Device Trader creates local employment opportunities and supports local charities.
We love the amazing things that smart devices allow us to do. By breaking down the barriers to
premium electronics, we make a world of information available to everyone.

Why buy refurbished?

Have you ever thought about where or how your shiny new device was manufactured, or where it goes
once it has had its day? With the constant increase in available new technology, comes a constant (and
alarming) increase in e-waste, in fact, it is expected that 52.2 million metric tonnes of e-waste will be
generated in 2021, with a majority ending up in illegal landfill.

Although often used interchangeably, refurbished and used are by no means the same when it comes to
purchasing a refurbished device. Unlike jumping on a marketplace and hoping for the best, our devices
are examined by our team of local specialists, refurbished and tested with a 28 point inspection,
meaning you can be certain your new gadget is in good shape, backed by our warranty service, our
devices are fully functional, unlocked and ready to roll!


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1/130 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

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