Repair Guides

The best place to get support for something that needs repairing is at your local repair café.  Repair cafes are usually free, staffed by volunteers, so donations are always welcome. Find out where your nearest repair café is.

If you can’t get to a local repair café or want to learn some repair skills yourself, there are other online options to help you for basic repair knowledge and skills. Always follow the instructions carefully, particularly when it comes to electrical products.


An international website with an Australian arm IFIXIT has partnered with the International Repair Café Movement and are all about providing guides on how to repair just about anything.


Fixable is a free online platform to make repair and reuse easy and accessible for people everywhere. In the Fixable community, you can: join discussions related to repair and reuse, discover and promote local repair events, ask questions, post polls, seek and offer advice, promote and host or attend paid and free lessons, teach and learn new skills and techniques online or offline, find someone nearby to fix your stuff, trade spare parts and other repair-related stuff, lend or borrow tools and equipment, celebrate successes, and commiserate over failures.

If It’s Broke, Fix It

Watch the BBC video on the repair café movement: